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6 School Street
Peterborough, NH 03458


Wed,  Sat,  Sun
3pm and 7:30pm

Thurs,  Fri

Closed Monday and Tuesday


 Adult Tickets   $8
Student Tickets $7
Seniors 60 yrs + $6
Children 12 & under $6
Matinees $6

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Welcome to the Peterborough Community Theater
Now Showing: Chef
Playing Until Thursday, July 24 2014
Rating: R
Run Time: 114min

A chef who loses his restaurant job starts up a food truck in an effort to reclaim his creative promise, while piecing back together his estranged family

Special Events:

July,28 2014

DAVID LYNCH'S  16 Country Tour    New Documentary    Where dfoes David Lynch get all those ideas?  Why is he so prolific over so many years with iconic works of film, photography, music and painting?  And what's the deal with meditation??

Five years ago a team of filmmakers followed David Lynch on a 16 country tour across Europe, Israel, and Brazil revealing one on one media interviews on Lynch's art, creative process, and Transcendental Meditation  the footage has been compiled into this 71 minute film

The documentry will be screened for free at 7:30pm on Monday July 28th  Here at the Peterborough Community Theatre  Free tickets are available through on line registration found at MeditationCreativityPeace.com  or at door that night

Information on The David Lynch Foundation can be found on line



Sept,09 2014

COMING SEPT 9TH  AT 7PM  LATIFA MEENA   Psychic, Animal Communicator, Medium, and Esoteric Healer

Latifa will return to NH from Kentucky for the 8th consecutive year to provide spiritual readings for animal and human clients in the Monadnock Area Sept 8 - 16

On Sept 9th at 7pm Latifa will host an event at Peterborough Community Theatre.  ticket will be sold in advance for $5.   Tickets are available at the Theatre or Dara's Paw Spaw

Latifa has been seen on MTV's Kesha My Crazy Beautiful Life, Animal Planet's Call Of The Wildman and live TV in Louisville

Coming Attractions

Jersey Boys
July,25 - July,31 2014

Trailer for Jersey Boys on TrailerAddict.


Dragon 2


The Giver